Murray Fredericks Icesheet

The Greenland Ice Project commenced with a month long visit to East Greenland in March 2010. To date there have been six visits, which have included a double crossing (almost) of the icecap by dogsled, and static camps set on the eastern and western sides of the icesheet. In June 2013, the documentary covering the initial stages of the project was completed and had its World Premiere at the Sydney Film Festival.

As the project developed, the focus shifted from the landscape to the abandoned cold war radar stations situated on the icecap, known as DYE2 and DYE3.

The first major exhibition from the project opens at ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne in November 2013. The photographs in the exhibition appear in the previous section.

The most recent journey in May 2013 was to a static camp established at DYE 2 on the Western Icesheet of Greenland. Logistical support was generously supplied by the National Science Foundation (Washington DC) and Polar Field.

‘Nothing on Earth’ is the second documentary created by Murray Fredericks and Michael Angus. Unlike ‘Salt’ which commence documenting Fredericks’s Lake Eyre journeys once the project was fully established, Nothing on Earth followed the development of the Greenland Icecap Project from the first step.

‘Nothing on Earth’ was completed in partnership with the ABC, Screen Australia and the Pacific Film and Television Commission.The documentary will screen on ABC1 in July 2013.

The video ‘Nothing on Earth’ shown here in the Documentary section is the official trailer for the film. The time-laspe assembly is an edit from the sequences shot during the autumn 2010 visit to East Greenland.

4min 44sec, 1080 x 1650 pixels. Original Score by Tom Schutzinger incorporating VLF field recordings of the Magnetosphere. VLF recordings courtesy of Stephen P. McGreevy.

4min 4sec, 3 channel  (1080 x 1920 each) video installation. DYE2, abandoned nuclear missile detection facility, Greenland Icecap. Video Murray Fredericks, Original Score by Tom Schutzinger.